Current Submissions

Hmm… Been a while since I updated you on where things stand. Let’s see…

* “The Great Hymn of the Aten” (alt. hist./sf) – currently with ASIMOV’S (sent Nov. 3/06)

* “Citius, Altius, Fortius” (sf) – currently with TESSERACTS 11 (sent Dec. 8/06)

* “The Hushed Voice” (dark sf…well, I think it’s kind of dark, in a psychological/spiritual way) – currently with INTERGALACTIC MEDICINE SHOW (coming up on one year; sent Feb. 6/06)


You’ll note that last one appears to break the cardinal rule about no simultaneous submissions. However, these are literary markets found through Duotrope, and which all accept simultaneous submissions. Cool 🙂

Trent Hergenrader, a fine writer and one of those brave souls upon whom I inflict my raw fiction, suggested I try these literary markets because “Gagiid” is more magical realism than easily classifiable genre work. And once he’d told me these kinds of markets take simultaneous submissions, well… I’ve already received one rejection from a magazine called Subtropics, but that’s no big deal because I still have it out at SIX other markets.

Another story, “Endorphins Anonymous” (lit./sf), came back from ON SPEC Friday, and I’m trying to decide where to send it next.

I’ve taken the liberty of retiring one story, “I Think That I Shall Never See” (sf), which had previously been circulating but which isn’t really a story as such. I think the editor from ABYSS & APEX said it best before passing on the tale: “I liked this as conceptual notes for a story; if you flesh this out dramatically, I think it will be excellent.”

It was originally written as a 2000-word political/environmental satire for submission to the magazine ADBUSTERS. I’d always thought it might make it in some magazines that like odd short-shorts, but they’ve all had the same thoughts–neat idea, just needs a plot and some characters. So I think that, as I still like the idea a lot I will eventually expand the idea into that “excellent” story mentioned by ABYSS & APEX 😉

(The story was inspired by the Joni Mitchell song ‘Big Yellow Taxi’, and the very bright among you ought to be able to guess what the story is about if you know the story title and the song lyrics).

– S.

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