There’s a GREEN ROOM…

…at Ad Astra. And because I’m a panelist I get access. Oh, this is totally going to go to my head.

I plan to make outrageous demands, like ordering one of the con staffers to remove all the brown M&Ms from the bowl, and throw ridiculous diva-ish tantrums when my imported Bolivan mineral water is sparkling not still, and how dare they serve it to me at room temperature.

This is going to be awesome. (I mean, it’s probably just a hotel room with snacks and drinks, but right now, in my mind, it’s a mixture the decadence I imagine of an Oscars after-party, a Roman bacchanalia, and the planet Risa from ST:TNG–don’t rain on my parade!)

Oh, and this delusion of grandeur was brought about by an e-mail from Alana Otis, one of the con organizers, letting the panelists know that a preliminary schedule of panels and events will be ready later tonight. Once I have my times, I’ll be sure to let you all know.

There’s also a pre-con party taking place on the Thursday night before, but I have a basketball game and, well, getting my fat ass in shape is a priority. Besides, I’ll have three days and nights of all the take-out, Cheetos, and homebrew from the con suite that I can handle that weekend 🙂

– S.

8 thoughts on “There’s a GREEN ROOM…

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