Congratulations to Darrell and Colleen–Engaged!

Well, my buddy Darrell (future Prime Minister of Canada, and someone who I know reads this blog frequently) not only managed to get in to law school last week, but also won the hand of fair Colleen, whom he’s been dating for the last several years (I’m pleased to say I was there when they met on New Year’s Eve, 2003).

He popped the question and she said yes! Congrats to both of them.

For those keeping track, that means that of my group of friends I’m going to be the one who dies alone. Which is really unexpected because, out of all of us, I’m CLEARLY the catch 😉

So, D-Mast, when’s the Big Day? Gotta clear my calendar…

– S.

One thought on “Congratulations to Darrell and Colleen–Engaged!

  1. Thanks. It will probably be next summer.

    And I seem to remember that someone chose to sleep with the scary doll on January 1, 2003. Had you chosen to compete with me for Colleen’s affections, who know how things might have turned out.

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