Hi all –

So I’ve found a couple of reviews of UNDER COVER OF DARKNESS which appear to have been picked up by various booksellers and which are well distributed across the web:

From Harriet Klausner (and be sure to read this article about her, too. Oh, how I envy this woman’s gift…):

The premise of this enjoyable anthology is that covert groups working behind the scenes influence and even cause major events to happen. The fourteen tales run the gamut from suspense thriller to science fiction and even fantasy as the contributors develop secret societies that also range from total controlling to stand-by chronicler/watcher. The entries are interesting though the short story format does not allow for major background development especially of the clandestine societies (this reviewer would not mind several expanded into novellas). Still these are exciting tales whether they have the Freemasons pulling strings, the Scoria changing their existence, the Dancer in Toronto or elves warring in London. Suspense readers especially conspiracy fans especially will appreciate this fine compilation of new stores of covert factions working behind the scenes.

And from Monsters and Critics:

Editors Czerneda and Paniccia do a commendable job of bringing together 14 fresh, often inventive stories with a “guardian at the gate” flavor penned by the likes of Tanya Huff, Larry Niven and Douglas Smith. From Doranna Durgin comes a tales of outcasts, banded together for mutual protection and a young woman’s ultimate sacrifice, given to assure the survival of “The Scoria”. Weaving the Freemasons, the Lone Ranger, and Knights Templar to name a few, Nick Pollotta’s “Falling like Gentle Rain” is a rollicking, light-hearted showdown between a Guardian and the Big Evil that manages to recreate the world. Sworn to secrecy, Jessian better known to her coworkers as Susan undertakes a mission which will forever change her life and give her a new appreciation for a ‘backward”, aboriginal people in Janny Wurts “The Sundering Star”. Enjoy this bright collection of short stories and the tantalizing peeks into they offer into an all too frequently tired genre.

– S.