Lew Zealand

Well, SHIPBREAKER has come back to me again, rather quickly.

After a 4 day rejection from the anthology it was written for, I got a rejection from F&SF yesterday–an 8 day response. I’ve submitted it next to Strange Horizons, and am expecting it back in 16 days (assuming the pattern holds).

Seems like people can’t reject this one fast enough. I feel like Lew Zealand, the boomerang fish-thrower from the Muppet Show. “I throw the story away, and it comes back to me!”

– S.

PS: This is the third or fourth time in the short life of this blog that I’ve mentioned feeling like one or other of Jim Henson’s foam creations. Can you tell I watched a lot of PBS as a kid? Just for the record, Uncle Deadly still gives me the booboojeebies.