Oh no, I’ve gone cross-eyed

If you’re not watching HEROES…well, you should be.

I admittedly have a weakness for superheroes, but this is some quality TV–great stories, great suspense, great characters (except for the blond one with the split personality and her family; they bore the crap out of me). It’s the only show on TV that I’m anxious to see the next week and that always leaves me in suspense, imagining what comes next–a role once filled by ALIAS (the first three seasons, before things went south), by LOST (which has been only intermittently okay this season, a far cry from its beginnings), and first season of PRISON BREAK (before the second season wasted everyone’s time).

A number of people at the office also watch HEROES and we have detailed dissections of each episode on Tuesday mornings. However, the time travel that’s been taking place in the last few episodes has, it seems, confused some of my colleagues.

I thought it was handled well and was easy to follow, but then again I’m an SF kinda guy, and the same can’t be said about my friends here at the office. The main reaction on my colleagues’ part seems to be to accept it without worrying to much about the hows or the why.

Very much the Austin Powers approach to time travel.

– S.