The F – Word

Yes, it’s true. Along with everyone else on the Interweb, I too am on Facebook–I’m told “Facebook is the new MySpace” and far be it from me to neglect jumping on that bandwagon…

So, if I know (or have known) you and we’ve not already reached out across the fiber optic divide and embraced one another on Facebook then feel free to look me up, under ‘Stephen Kotowych’ of course.

If you only know me through this blog or (dare I say it?) from reading my writing then I’d be happy, nay, OVERJOYED to add you to my list. Look me up, but be sure to indicate you know me as a writer/blogger, else I’m liable to punt your friend request into the ‘Approached by Random Lunatic on Facebook’ delete bin, okay?

– S.

2 thoughts on “The F – Word

  1. did you know you cant delete a facebook account? its a cult man!! You are beholden to them for life!!

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