The Art of Randall Ensley

One of the great things about seeing the proofs for my story in WOTF 23 was that I found out who will be illustrating my story, and I’m pleased to say I guessed right.

Randall Ensley, one of the Illustrators of the Future winners from the third quarter of last year, will be providing the pen-and-ink drawing that will accompany my story in the anthology. You can see his winning entries here (scroll down) and an interview with him here.

I say I guessed right because when I saw his “Key of Pain” it had, let’s say, certain resonances with my story (no pun intended) and I thought they might pair him with me.

I’m dying to see what he comes up with (they cheekily left a blank page in the proofs where his art will go…) and I’m thrilled that we’ll be getting a copy of the artwork to frame. I tend to see visuals as I write, so I hope he’s found something in my story that sparked his imagination.

– S.

9 thoughts on “The Art of Randall Ensley

  1. Hey Randall –

    No problem! Can’t wait to meet you and see what illustration you came up with for my story.

    See you in two weeks!

    – S.

  2. XqHIjJ Good job!

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