My Grand Prize Acceptance Speech On YouTube

I don’t think I sound nearly as nervous as I really was.

My focus was on breathing and staying on my feet, given that earlier Doug (my WOTF roomie) and I had discussed what we termed the Douglas Texter Award Acceptance Method, which consists of three easy steps: start to shake, lock knees, fall over.

Fellow winners assure me that at the time I looked (and I certainly felt) like I was going to pass out. But, all in all, I’m happy with what I managed to say despite not having prepared anything (though the brief ‘uhhs’ that I inserted felt, at the time, like they were roughly five minutes in length each, and my mind was utterly blank even as I spoke). I’m actually really impressed with myself for having remembered Jeff, Andrea, and Kim by name. I’m almost sure that at that point I couldn’t have told you what my name was if you’d asked.

But seriously–does my voice sound like that?

And I need to get to the gym. Looks like they gave the award to Jabba the Tux…

And just so you know: this was the SECOND speech I had to give, and since I knew I had to give the first one that’s when I took the opportunity to thank my parents, my friends, Rob Sawyer, etc. So if I know you and you’re offended because you think I didn’t thank you, well, that one’s just not on YouTube yet 🙂


– S.

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