More Reviews for the WOTF 23 Award Event

I’ve been alerted to a couple of news items about the WOTF 23 Award Ceremony. They obviously come from the same press release sent by Galaxy Press, which gives us an interesting chance to see how different news services treat (and especially edit) the same information.

Anybody else ever read Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent? 🙂

There’s one here at SFScope (they spelled my name with a ‘V’, which I don’t do, but which makes me think I need to add that spelling to my Google Alerts so I can better Googlestalk myself…)

There’s another here at Yahoo! News (which I’m told also went out over the AP newswire).

– S.

One thought on “More Reviews for the WOTF 23 Award Event

  1. I just stumbled across your post, and was upset that I’d made a typo in your name, but then I looked back at the article, and didn’t see a “v” anywhere in your name. Did I miss something?

    Oh, and in the future: I’m quite happy to correct typos and other errors of fact. But e-mailing me is a better way to request such a change.

    And congratulations on your award!

    Ian Randal Strock, Editor

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