Milestone: My 1000th Visitor

So a very cool moment for me today–my 1000th unique visitor.


No doubt a lot of this traffic has come because of people visiting the site in light of my WOTF Grand Prize win. To give you an idea: in July I had 280 unique visitors (averaging 10 a day); in August (the month I won) I had 518 people find me; and though we’re only thirteen days in to September I’ve already had 209 people (an average of 17 a day) stop in to say hello.

I’ve had visitors from:

Companies Companies
Canada Canada
Networks Networks
Austria Austria
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Germany Germany
Australia Australia
Organizations Organizations
US Educational Institutions US Educational Institutions
Netherlands Netherlands
France France
US Governmental Entities US Governmental Entities (hello CIA!)
Sweden Sweden
Denmark Denmark
Estonia Estonia
Croatia/Hrvatska Croatia/Hrvatska
Argentina Argentina
India India
Brazil Brazil
Norway Norway

So hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by my little tube of the internet. Hope you find something of interest while you’re here. If you’re reading my fiction, well, I hope you’re enjoying it. And if you haven’t read my stuff I hope you’ll consider doing so soon. I’d love to hear what you think.

See you at 2000 visitors!

– S.