Stephen on Adventures in Scifi Publishing Podcast

Hot on the heels of the profile on SCI FI Wire, the Adventures in Scifi Publishing podcast has posted (here) the second of two podcasts recorded at this year’s Writers of the Future week. This one features interviews with some of the writer and illustrator winners, as well as writer judge KD Wentworth and illustrator judge Laura Brodian Freas.

I come in at around the 26m 30s mark (seriously–do I sound like that? And boy do I need to stop saying “uhh” so much! You don’t notice it much in conversation but boy does it stand out when recorded…)

If you’re a writer you should also check out the first podcast, which is the fantastic presentation we received on Thursday afternoon from Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta on how to succeed as a professional author. Find that one here.

Thanks to Shaun Farrell of ASFP for the great interview.

– S.