Fun with Keywords

So the little hit counter I have on my page offers no end of fun statistics. You may view my blog, true believer, but like Nietzsche’s abyss I’m able to view you as well.

I’m able to tell that 74.4% of you use WinXP (only a combined 15% of you use some version of Mac OS) and that 56.2% of you are Internet Explorer users (which is odd, because everyone I know uses Firefox yet only 35.6% of you do–I guess I don’t know very many of you 🙂

I can also tell where you’ve been referred to my site from (a crushing 97.3% of you use Google), what your screen resolutions are (kudos to the 13 of you running 1280×768), and even how many bits of colour you use (21 of you run 24 bit colour).

As I mentioned previously, I can also see where you’ve visited from. Some of the more recent exotic locales visitors have come from include:

South Africa South Africa
India India
Italy Italy
Switzerland Switzerland
Estonia Estonia
Argentina Argentina
Croatia/Hrvatska Croatia/Hrvatska
Brazil Brazil
Belarus Belarus
Japan Japan
Morocco Morocco

There’s also been a recent spike in the number of people visiting from Austria. Not sure why. Maybe I’m on my way to being the next David Hasselhoff? Hello Austria!

Anyone who thinks there’s privacy anymore is nuts.

The most fun, however, is BlogCounter‘s list of the Top 40 Keywords that have led you all here. The first few are pretty obvious: Stephen Kotowych, Kotowych, Blogowych, etc. But there are some curious ones, too.

My favorite keywords so far?

california here i come writer

readhair (I don’t recommend typing that into Google while you’re at the office, by the way. Of course you’re all going to now…)

is twelve an overestimated novel

special rock from the moon

bringing your body into a perfect shape 36-24-36

jordans that came out in september

space pen writer

picture of the boomerang fish thrower

and, best of all…leather pants university of toronto

I’m not making any of those up. How could I? I’m not that good a writer.

Now the real question is: do these bizarre keywords say more about you as readers or me as the one who generated content which somehow relates to these keywords?

– S.

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