Stephen to be published in Greek _OR_ It’s all Greek to me

Hey gang –

Some cool news this morning–I’m going to be published in Greek!

The Greek SF magazine The Dramaturges of Yann (you can find an English
version of their website here) is going to publish a reprint of my story “Borrowed Time” in an upcoming issue. The story first appeared in the DAW anthology Under Cover of Darkness in February of this year and was my first fiction sale. The magazine only pays in contributor copies, but I think it will be cool to put on a resume/cover letter ๐Ÿ™‚

I also have a Greek uncle so hopefully he’ll get a kick out of reading the story in Greek. And, unlike most foreign language sales I’ll ever have, hopefully it means I can get report on how accurate the translation is… ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll keep you posted on when the issue appears (I gather from the editor that it might be a while, as there’s a backlog).

The beauty of foreign reprint sales (besides the potential for found money and the ability to say “and his work has been translated into sixteen languages” in a cover letter) is that because each magazine is looking for rights in different languages you can send the same reprint out to twenty different markets at a time, like I did last week. That’s a lot better than having to wait for one editor to get back to you and only then send it along somewhere new…

If any of you other writers types are interested in shopping your reprints internationally (and why wouldn’t you be? Some of them do pay in more than copies, after all), I recommend you start at the website of fellow Canadian SF writer and friend, Doug Smith.

He has a helpful article on publishing with foreign markets here, and an invaluable list of foreign markets here.

– S.