Book Signing This Saturday at Chapters in Kingston

Tomorrow we enter the town of my birth/
I want to be ready.
– “Celebration of the Lizard”, The Doors

For those of you living in the City of the King AKA Regiopolis AKA Kingston, Ontario AKA my home town, you should know that fellow Writers of the Future winner Tony Pi and I will be signing copies of the anthology tomorrow, Saturday December 8th from 11am until 3pm at the Chapters in Kingston, located at 2376 Princess Street (map here).

Hope to see you there!

– S.

DEC 8TH, SAT (11:00-3:00)
2376 Princess Street
Kingston, Ont K7M 3G4

One thought on “Book Signing This Saturday at Chapters in Kingston

  1. Greetings. Just to say that I have a blog with links to writers such as Charles Gramlich (Taleran cycle fiction/fantasy)if its of any interest.

    Enjoyed browsing through yours.
    btw Guardian Art blog has been picking up the hot debate over the Lupercale.

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