Begging to be Abused

No, not me–this.

Scientists at Columbia have not only determined what causes muscle fatigue (it has something to do with calcium flow within muscles, and not lactic acid–which is what I thought, but which was apparently discredited long ago), but they’ve also devised, for mice, an experimental drug that can revive the animals and let them keep running long after they would normally flop down in exhaustion.

Now, this therapy has been designed with treatment of legitimate conditions in mind–in this case, congestive heart failure. But as I’ve spoken of elsewhere, high-performance athletes and their coaches will no doubt turn this therapy (as they’ve done for so many others) to use in trying to cheat in competition.

Something that lets you avoid muscle fatigue? Come on. It’s no wonder the NY Times article included a photo of a marathon runner in the header…

– S.