“Saturn in G Minor” Now Online for Aurora Consideration

Hi all –

I’ve decided to make my story “Saturn in G Minor” available online for your consideration during the voting period for this year’s Prix Aurora Awards. You can find the full text of the story here.

“Saturn in G Minor” is a finalist in the Best Short-Form Work in English category and has previously won the Writers of the Future Grand Prize.

Voting can be done here and all ballots must be received by 7 May 2008. Any Canadian citizen or permanent resident is eligible to vote; there is a $5 fee to vote, which helps cover administration of the contest and production of the statues.


– S.

3 thoughts on ““Saturn in G Minor” Now Online for Aurora Consideration

  1. You know, yesterday I ordered the latest WOTF anthology specifically so I could read Saturn in G minor. I wanted to read the short story that won the grand prize in such a prestigious competition, written by a man who lives only an hour to the east of me.

    And you ruin it by posting it up for free.

    You bastard! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Ok, I’ll admit I’m almost as excited to read the other stories.

    Oh, and you got my vote for the Aurora awards.

    Thanks for the inspiration, you’re one of the reasons I sent in a short story to Q2 of WOTF. While I’m sure it won’t make it past the slush editors, it’s started me on the learning curve. I can only get better from here on in (I hope).

    Keep up the good work, man.

  2. Thanks Mike! Glad you like the story and thanks so much for your vote.

    And of course EVERYONE should buy the book…but all the other nominees had their stories online so I had to do it too! It’s like a nuclear arms race: if the Other Side has the bomb you feel you need one too… ๐Ÿ™‚

    But I’m sure you won’t regret buying WOTF 23! All the stories are fabulous and I have no doubt you’ll be hearing much more from all of those folks in the years to come. PLUS you get the fabulous illustrations!

    Glad you’re entering the contest, but don’t be so down on yourself! Just make sure its the best SF/F story you can write, make sure it’s clear from the first page that it’s SF/F, and keep submitting until you win! I submitted 6 times before I won. We had some people in my year that had submitted 12-15 times!

    Somebody has to win–why NOT you?

    – S.

  3. That’s the thing, it was my first short story EVER.

    Yea, I’ve written scads of articles, tonnes of technical documents, and wads of rants, but never a speculative fiction story.

    ….The caveat is that I only get paid for the technical documents as part of my work!

    After writing it, and submitting it, I found that I made a bunch of amateurish mistakes. It’s only clear from the first page that it’s science fiction in the format I use – that is, small font, single spacing, itty bitty margins.

    When I formatted it into manuscript, it was at the bottom of page three.

    But, since I’ve been reading more and more stories, and learning on how to properly turn your SF/F ideas into SF/F stories, I’m sure they’ll get better.

    I plan on submitting every quarter. I’m also thoroughly enjoying the learning curve.

    As a member of your Toronto area writing group, are there any that you know of closer to Hamilton/Brantford area that you can recommend?



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