‘Borrowed Time’ Published in Russian!

I was thrilled to discover my contributor copy of ESLI, the Russian science fiction magazine, in the mail yesterday–that’s the cover up above. In university I took one semester of Russian language and I discovered that I remembered just enough Russian and the Cyrillic alphabet to find my story.

The title page of my story. At the top
of the page is my name rendered in
Cyrillic characters and then the title of
the story. In Russian it translates (I think)
as “Time Borrowed”–but that works, too!

So cool!

ESLI is the same kind of newsprint digest-sized magazine as Analog or Asimov’s and the production values are very similar. I realize, too, that this is my first magazine publication of any kind–my stories have so far appeared only in anthologies. And each story also comes with an illustration on the story’s title page–and mine is spot on. I’m really pleased! I hope that ESLI will be interested in other stories of mine in future–working with them has been a wonderful experience, and a great first foreign language sale and publication.

– S.