Only Three (or Four) Weeks Left for Prix Aurora Award Voting!

Hi all –

Just a reminder that Prix Aurora Prize voting is underway and is rapidly drawing to a close.

My story, “Saturn in G Minor”–which has previously won the Writers of the Future Grand Prize–is a finalist in the Best Short Form in English category. You can read the story for free right HERE.

Any Canadian citizen anywhere in the world and all landed immigrants, as well as all attending members of Keycon/Canvention, are eligible to vote.

Mail-in paper ballots (available HERE) are due by Friday, May 9th–a mere three weeks away!

Online voting (available HERE) and on-site voting at KeyCon 25 must be completed by Saturday, May 17th at 5 pm (Central Std Time)–a slightly less mere four weeks away!

Don’t delay! Vote today!


– S.

One thought on “Only Three (or Four) Weeks Left for Prix Aurora Award Voting!

  1. Maybe it’s just me, but this online voting thing isn’t working out so well.

    These guys took my $5.00 via paypal a week ago and I still can’t get into the ballots.

    I’ve sent them an email asking WTF. I’ll let you know how it works out in case any one else reading this blog is trying to vote and is having the same difficulty as me.

    Or perhaps I’m an idiot.

    However, it doesn’t matter if I’m an idiot or the online process is a pain. There’s bound to be other idiots like me, so any information is good information.

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