Basking in the Reflected Glow of an Aurora

The 2008 Prix Aurora Awards were announced Sunday 18 May 2008 at Keycon 25 in Winnipeg.

Congratulations to Hayden Trenholm, whose story “Like Water in the Desert” won Best Short-Form Work in English. Hayden is a really nice guy and a heck of a competitor. He wrote a great story and definitely deserves an Aurora. And watch out next year when his first novel, Defining Diana (Bundoran Press), will be eligible in the Best Long-Form Work in English category.

The 2008 Best Short-Form Work in English Aurora Nominees,
from this year’s Ad Astra. Left to right: Stephen Kotowych, Tony Pi,
Hayden Trenholm,
David Livingstone Clink, Douglas Smith.
(Photo courtesy Robert J. Sawyer & Caroline Clink)

However, I’m thrilled to be associated with an Aurora Award by proxy, because Julie E. Czerneda & Jana Paniccia won the Best Work in English (Other) Aurora for edited Under Cover of Darkness! Yay! Congratulations Julie and Jana! I had my first published story in UCoD and I’m thrilled that they won for their excellent work! A well-deserved accolade!

The full list of winners are:

Lifetime Achievement:
Dennis Mullin

Best Long-Form Work in English:
The New Moon’s Arms by Nalo Hopkinson (Warner)

Best Long-Form Work in French:
Cimetière du musée by Diane Boudreau (du Phoenix)

Best Short-Form Work in English:
“Like Water in the Desert” by Hayden Trenholm (Challenging Destiny)

Best Short-Form Work in French:
“Sur la plage des Èpaves” by Laurent MacAllister (Solaris)

Best Work in English (Other):
Under Cover of Darkness edited by Julie E. Czerneda & Jana Paniccia (DAW)

Best Work in French (Other):
No nominations.

Artistic Achievement:
Lar deSouza

Fan Achievement (Fanzine):
No award.

Fan Achievement (Organizational):
Penny Lipman

Fan Achievement (Other):
Paul Bobbitt (editor of The Voyageur)