It Was Twenty Years Ago Today…

…well, maybe it’s only been five, but still a pretty special anniversary for me.

Robert J. Sawyer was good enough to post on his blog a copy of the fateful e-mail he sent out five years ago today, setting up the writers workshop that would become The Fledglings, and which would kick my butt into gear to get writing seriously for the first time.

A lot has happened in those five years–my first publication, my Writers of the Future Grand Prize win, conferences, panel participation, more publications–but I think I’ll always remember the giddy thrill (and, I’ll admit it, disbelief) I felt when I read that message and realized that Rob thought maybe I could make something of my writing.


Thanks so much Rob! And thanks to all the Fledglings, too! I know that none of these dreams would have come true without your help.

– S.

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  1. The Charles

    Need more novel!