Traditional Zombie Values

Simon Pegg, one half of the genius team behind Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, has an article in today’s Guardian, his reaction to Britain’s Channel 4 recent five-night TV zombie spectacular, Dead Set.

The basic premise of his article? ZOMBIES DON’T RUN.

Now, I’ve only ever been a casual watcher of zombie flicks and not much committed to either side in the heated partisan debate of fast vs. slow zombies. But after reading Pegg’s article I think I may be a convert to the ‘slow zombie’ camp and an advocate of ‘traditional zombie values.’

As a writer myself, it’s always interesting to hear another creator’s rationale for the choices they made in their work. In this case, Pegg lays out a compelling philosophy for the slow zombie, both as a dramatic choice and for the metaphor underlying zombies in general.

Worth checking out. You know–before the onset of the zombie apocalypse. Best to know what you’ll be up against.

– S.