Evil Twin Makes Good

W00t w00t!

A big congrats to my good friend and evil twin Tony Pi, who has just learned he’s sold a story to Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show.

Not only is this his third pro sale–my evil twin beat me to a third pro sale!–but this is the story Tony wrote during the 24hr writing exercise at our Writers of the Future workshop. As I’ve said elsewhere, I was really impressed by Tony’s organization and focus during the writing phase, and this translated into my initial reaction to the story, which I recall was something like: “You came up with all this in just 24 hours!?!”

This was also the story that Tony was working hard on during our flight back from California while I was catching up on my beauty rest. Whose choice benefited them more? (Hint: not me).

Tony was nice enough to let me read the penultimate draft and the story is a knock-out, even better than it was at the WOTF workshop.

Now titled “Tekkai, Exhaling His Soul”, Tony’s story will appear in an upcoming issue of IGMS, likely issue #12.

Nice work, Tony. Great story and a great home for it. I’m thrilled for you!

– S.