New Scientist on the Future of Science Fiction

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Missed this when it first came out, but NEW SCIENTIST had sci-fi special edition for their Nov. 15, 2008 issue, and at least some of the content is available now at their website. It includes, among other things, the usual discussions about whether SF is dying/relevant anymore. Worth checking out.

Get the full article HERE.

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One thought on “New Scientist on the Future of Science Fiction

  1. Hey, great post–the articles you linked are quite interesting, and I especially enjoyed (whore for minutiae that I am) the nod to Murakami’s sci-fi themes and story points in the “Is Science Fiction Dead?” article.

    Anyways, going to follow your blog- it was great having lunch with you in Kingston the other day (I’m Robert’s student, for reference) and from the look of your posts you’ve been hitting the nail on the head.

    Just to pimp my own stuff for a second, I started a podcast with my housemate about eight weeks ago and we’ve been talking about science fiction in pretty much every episode, just because that’s the kind of guys we are. I’d love to hear what you think of it, and maybe to get you on the show at some point to chat about your work and maybe join our inevitable Star Trek review in a couple weeks. We’re at, and you can subscribe through RSS or iTunes. Looking forward to hearing from you,


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