Brad Carson for the Aurora!

Okay, all you Canucks out there:

It’s time once again to submit your votes for Canada’s top SF prize, the Prix Aurora Awards!

This year, I’m very pleased that my good friend and fellow Stop-Watch Gang member, Brad Carson, is a finalist for Best Short-Form Work in English category. His nominated story, “Here There Be Monsters”, was his first professional sale and is part of the anthology AGES OF WONDER (which is, itself, nominated for an Aurora in the Best Work in English-Other category) edited by Julie Czerneda and Rob St. Martin.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to read “Here There Be Monsters” in draft form and I knew it was something special. Now, all of you have the chance to realize that too!

You can read the full text of “Here There Be Monsters” right now on Brad’s blog here.

Read it. Love it. Vote for it!

You can find the complete list of nominees and instructions on voting here.

– S.