The 2010 Prix Aurora Awards Winners

Kudos to Edward Willett for posting the results of the 2010 Prix Aurora Awards ceremony, held last night in Winnipeg at KeyCon, Manitoba’s annual sci-fi convention and this year’s host of the Canvention (which includes the presentation of the Auroras).

Congratulations to all the winners, especially Rob Sawyer, who won the Aurora for Best Novel in English for Wake. Alas, my fellow Stop-Watch Gang member Brad Carson didn’t win in the short story category, so he now joins Tony Pi and me in the “it was an honor just to be nominated” club.

Surprisingly, Ed’s website was the ONLY place online that I was able to find the results, even a full 24-hours after the presentation. Hmmm. Curious. Was it because it’s a long weekend here in Canada that word wasn’t spread immediately?

If I were part of the Aurora committee and wanted to raise the profile of the premier Canadian award for science fiction and fantasy, I would have a press release ready to go to all media and fan organizations as soon as the award ceremony was done, and I would also have the official website updated ASAP with the results. As of this posting (9:15pm EST on Monday) there is still no information on the awards available on the official site.

Better yet: in this age of Twitter, why not have someone tasked with tweeting the results as they happen?

You know, just sayin’…

UPDATE (25 May 2010): You can now also find the complete list of winners at the Canadian SF Works Database

– S.

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