NaNoOutRiMo Word Count: November 6, 2010

A strong first week! But…I’m thinking that was the easy part. See, what I worked on this week was just the stuff that I’ve had rattling around in my head for the last year or more. So I’ve outlined all those scenes and events that immediately leaped to mind when I starting thinking about this novel.

But there’s only the vaguest hints of order. Still missing are all the little connective bits, like sinew that hold muscle to bone. The great yawning chasm of The Middle is still unknown, and while I think I have a denouement I don’t yet have a climax.

Hmm…I’m wondering now if 30,000 words is going to be long enough for this outline. I’m beginning to worry about just how long the book itself may end up being.

Oh well. Nothing to do but keep calm and type on.

I’m anticipating the next several weeks being more difficult than this one…

– S.