Overheard at the Stop-Watch Gang Meeting – 22 January 2012

“Usually when someone says ‘Johnson’ it means they’re uncircumcised. Did you know that?”

A: Christmas, an orgasm, and then a big shit? One of these things just doesn’t belong here.
B: Christmas?

“Instead of mittens give her a muff. Then you can say: ‘She’s hiding it in her muff!'”

“Lesbians? That purple chick? Lesbian stuff–that’s HOT!”

X: “Some of your names bothered me. ‘Nether’ made me think of ‘nether regions’ and got my mind thinking of something else.”
Y: “Mittens?”

“Synch, synch a song…”

The First: “It’s an arcology.”
The Second: “Oncology?”
The Rest: “ARCOLOGY.”

“I was going to write ‘IT WAS’ on an 8×11 piece of paper and make you eat it at the meeting because it was bothering me so much.”