Show Notes for Episode 20 – A Most Painful Ordeal (1892)

My Son, and Stanley, and Me (c. 2013):

Helen Mirren Reads ‘Ulysses’ by Alfred, Lord Tennyson:

Show Notes for Episode 19 – Order of the Flaming Sword (1891-1892)

Here’s the neon sign that Tesla had designed in honour of Lord Kelvin (whose real name was William Thomson). Imagine it…in colour 🙂

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: “The Waxing Disquiet” for Best Short Fiction in 2018 Aurora Awards

It’s that time of year again: speculative fiction award season!

Calling all Canadians: Aurora Award nominations–the top Canadian prize in speculative fiction–are now open (until May 26), and if you’d like to support me then I hope you’ll consider nominating “The Waxing Disquiet” from me and co-author Tony Pi, eligible for Best Short Fiction. You can read it here for free until nominations close.

And if you’re not Canadian, well, feel free to read it anyway! Tony and I are quite proud of our beeswax-and-candle-punk tale 🙂

“The Waxing Disquiet” originally appeared in Deep Magic (June 2017).

– S.

Edison’s “WARNING!” Pamphlet

Oops! For some reason this didn’t post with the latest episode of the podcast. Sorry about that…

As promised, here’s what Edison’s “longest and most splenetic howl of corporate outrage” looked like.

All caps, naturally.


Tesla’s First AC Motor (Strasbourg 1883)

For some reason, I can’t get the image of Tesla’s first AC motor (his “marvelous simplicity”) to post in the show notes for this week’s episode. So here it is in a post of its own, instead.

– S.