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  • New Sale! “The Book of Elevated Things” to Factor Four Magazine

    Now that contracts are all signed and everything is stamped-it-no-erasies legal, I’m happy to announce that I’ve sold a new story to Factor Four Magazine. This story, “The Book of Elevated Things,” was inspired by a comment my then-4-year-old daughter made and was written almost entirely while waiting to pick her up from dance class. […]

  • New Fiction Friday: “I Think That I Shall Never See” in Little Blue Marble

    Very pleased that my latest story, “I Think That I Shall Never See,” is available in the online magazine Little Blue Marble. It’s free to read, so check it out now. This is a short piece of Cli-Fi (climate fiction) inspired by a line from a Joni Mitchell song (shouldn’t be hard to figure out […]

  • What I’m Looking for in GAME ON!

    Okay, writers–the post you’ve all been waiting for: “What is this guy looking for in the submissions, and what will give me the best chance of selling him a story?” So here’s what I want, and (perhaps just as important) what I don’t want–but one caveat! I am speaking only for myself here. My co-editor, […]

  • How Star Trek: The Next Generation Got Science Fiction About Games Right

    I’m in the middle of reading submissions for the GAME ON! anthology that I am co-editing with Tony Pi. While we’re getting some great stories, I’ve begun to see a pattern in some of the stories that aren’t grabbing me. I thought it might be helpful to those of you planning on submitting to share […]

  • Categories of games to consider for GAME ON!

    “Okay, so your upcoming anthology’s theme is games and gaming,” I can hear some people say. “But, like, how many games can there be? I can only think of, like, five or six. What other games are there even?” I’m so glad you asked! Part of what inspired the idea for this anthology is the […]

  • Interview with the editors of the 2022 ZNB Kickstarter anthologies

    As of this writing, the 2022 ZNB anthology Kickstarter is 50% funded! This is fantastic after only a week. Thanks to all who have backed. Want to know more about these anthologies and ZNB Books? Well, I and some of the other editors were guests recently of ConTinual, the online YouTube convention that never ends. […]

  • Our Kickstarter goes live! Anchor authors revealed!

    The Big Day has arrived–the ZNB Books 2022 Kickstarter has launched! We’ve got just 30 days to hit the goal so that not one but FOUR fantastic new science fiction and fantasy anthologies can come to life. As I mentioned before, the volume I’m co-editing with Tony Pi is called GAME ON! and focuses on […]

  • I’m editing a new science fiction and fantasy anthology!

    Been sitting on this news for a while: I’m thrilled to announce I’m going to be co-editing (with my friend and evil twin, Tony Pi) a new anthology of science fiction and fantasy stories for Zombies Need Brains! Our theme for the anthology is games and gaming in sci-fi and fantasy. I’ve had this idea […]

  • Ancient Egypt in Technicolor

    To see them today, you’d think that much of the art and architecture of the ancient world was, well, pretty dull. Lots of beige stone and white marble. You couldn’t be more wrong. The ancient world was absolutely awash in vibrant colours! And nowhere is that more true than in the art of ancient Egypt–especially […]

  • The Wrong Take-Away from Cyberpunk Fiction

    It’s a pretty reliable trope of cyberpunk fiction: not only are corporations people but in the future, they’ll be governments. I’ve even used this idea in my short story “Citius, Altius, Fortius,” (available in my short story collection) in which a multinational conglomerate buys a small African nation so it can run its affairs as […]

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