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SFRevu Likes “The Shipwright”

sfrevu-logo-bkgclr-448da6 has had a read of Abyss & Apex #57 and they like what they’ve read, including my story, “The Shipwright”:

In a world where ships were beasts, the job of the shipwright is to control them with his mind. Telig has done well with female ship-beasts but he has been kidnapped by pirates to run a man-o’-war, what a female ship-beast becomes after the Change. The pirates are seeking the man-o’-war they call Leviathan. Telig, not able to control this ship-beast, must find a way to control the more powerful Leviathan. Interesting turn on the classic sea adventure.

Not bad.

A special congratulations to C. Erickson, who garnered special praise for her story–her first sale!–in the issue. Well done!

– S.

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“The Shipwright” Now Live on Abyss & Apex


Very pleased to see that my pirate-fantasy-with-living-ships story “The Shipwright” is available (for free even!) on Abyss & Apex.

As I mentioned before, this is (I think) the first of many trips I’ll take to the Drowned World. I hope you like it and want to come with me on future voyages…

– S.

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