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First Review of “The Waxing Disquiet” (And It’s a Good One!)

Thanks to my co-author Tony Pi for the head’s-up about the first review of our story “The Waxing Disquiet,” which appeared last month in Deep Magic. The Waxing Quiet, by Tony Pi & Stephen Kotowych in Deep Magic. “He retreated to the calculation antechamber, where the tallylooms worked unceasingly. Click-clack went the wooden hooks, tying knots in … Continue reading First Review of “The Waxing Disquiet” (And It’s a Good One!) »

“The Waxing Disquiet” Available Now!

The June 2017 issue of Deep Magic–which includes “The Waxing Disquiet” by Tony Pi and me–is available now! Here’s the epic table of contents for Deep Magic’s 1-year anniversary issue! – Short story “The Black Irix” by the legendary Terry Brooks – Short story “Metamorphistry” by Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Jeff Wheeler – Short … Continue reading “The Waxing Disquiet” Available Now! »

Sale! “The Waxing Disquiet” to Deep Magic

Very pleased to announce that “The Waxing Disquiet”, a collaboration with Tony Pi, has sold to Deep Magic. It will appear in that magazine’s June issue.

We’ve Made Our Own Deflector Shields for the Earth

Usually when you hear about unintended consequences they’re bad ones–here’s a good one for a change! A pair of NASA space probes have detected an artificial bubble around Earth that forms when radio communications from the ground interact with high-energy radiation particles in space, the agency announced this week. The bubble forms a protective barrier … Continue reading We’ve Made Our Own Deflector Shields for the Earth »

Sale! “The Murmur of Its Name” to Flame Tree Supernatural Horror Anthology

I’m very pleased that my story ‘The Murmur of Its Name’ will be published in Flame Tree Press’s Supernatural Horror anthology later this summer.

“Saturn in G Minor” Now Available on StarShipSofa

Very pleased to report that my Writers of the Future winning story “Saturn in G Minor” is now available as FREE audio fiction from the good folks over at StarShipSofa.

Is Rejection Good for the Writer’s Soul?

The first story I ever sold was the second-ever story that I sent out to market. I submitted to an anthology invite, was asked for a minor rewrite of the ending (which improved the story), and the editors bought the story–a SFWA qualifying pro sale, in fact. I had one other story on the market … Continue reading Is Rejection Good for the Writer’s Soul? »

Cover Reveal!: CAPED Now Available for Pre-Order

Look! Up on the bookshelf! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…the cover for Caped, the new anthology of superhero fiction in which my story “Super Frenemies” appears! In what is surely the fastest acceptance-to-finished-book turnaround I’ve experienced in publishing, the book is not only available NOW for pre-order, but will be released in print and … Continue reading Cover Reveal!: CAPED Now Available for Pre-Order »

UFO Detection and Tracking

From the ‘long-shot’ file this morning… A volunteer group of scientists and academics from around the world (about 15 scientists, engineers, astronomers, professors, and a journalist) has launched a new effort called UFODATA (for ‘UFO Detection and Tracking’), to apply rigorous scientific research and methods to the study of UFOs–an area of study that has … Continue reading UFO Detection and Tracking »

Fukushima and the World Without Us

A Polish photographer has released a selection of images from within the Exclusion Zone around the Fukushima nuclear disaster. They’re like a photo essay from the end of the world.