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“The Shipwright” Now Live on Abyss & Apex

This is the first of many trips I’ll take to the Drowned World. Hopefully, you’ll want to come along on future voyages…

Sale! “The Shipwright” to Abyss & Apex

Pleased to announce that Abyss & Apex have bought by story “The Shipwright.” It should publish sometime in the first half of 2016. I’m excited to have this story forthcoming, as its one I’m particularly excited about. You might have heard it said (by Hemingway, for one) that an author should know way more back story about the … Continue reading Sale! “The Shipwright” to Abyss & Apex »

Sale! “Super Frenemies” to CAPED

Pleased to announce I’ve sold my story “Super Frenemies” to the forthcoming CAPED anthology. In case you didn’t guess, its a superhero theme The story was inspired by my son Ben’s desire to watch superhero cartoons…and my realizing for the first time (after a life time of reading comics) just how violent even the good … Continue reading Sale! “Super Frenemies” to CAPED »