(Some reviews of my work. – S.)

“Stephen Kotowych writes the mythic into the realism of life in modern day, proving that myths never die; they linger on well into the future.” – SF Site

“…a truly wonderful, touching ending to this great story.” –

“[P]oetically written, at times almost prayerful.” – Fantasy Literature

“A fascinating and thought-provoking scenario…I could definitely see it expanded into a cracking good novel…” – Locus

“[B]elievable and tragic…This story develops well as a mystery and I found myself intrigued by the plot…What keeps the reader sidetracked and distracted in a clever way is the mix of futuristic science and the pre-world war history…I enjoyed the steady tension in this tale. The author captured the fear and dread imposed on a society under a government’s heavy thumb that controls every aspect of daily life.” – Tangent Online

“Another gloriously wild idea…I was pleased by the audacity of the whole thing. ” – Locus

“…stood out above the rest as well characterized, with a clever central idea.” – Not if You Were the Last Short Story on Earth 

“(A) talented newcomer…” – The Barnes and Noble Review 

“(A) nifty little tale.” – SF Site

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