“The Shipwright” Now Live on Abyss & Apex

This is the first of many trips I’ll take to the Drowned World. Hopefully, you’ll want to come along on future voyages…

“Saturn in G Minor” Wins 2015 Ictineu Award

I’m very pleased to announce that my story “Saturn in G Minor” has won a 2015 Ictineu Award! What a great way to start the new year. These awards are given to the best science fiction, fantasy and horror works of fiction published in Catalan during the previous year. “Saturn in G Minor” won for … Continue reading “Saturn in G Minor” Wins 2015 Ictineu Award »

Sale! “The Shipwright” to Abyss & Apex

Pleased to announce that Abyss & Apex have bought by story “The Shipwright.” It should publish sometime in the first half of 2016. I’m excited to have this story forthcoming, as its one I’m particularly excited about. You might have heard it said (by Hemingway, for one) that an author should know way more back story about the … Continue reading Sale! “The Shipwright” to Abyss & Apex »

Is Rejection Good for the Writer’s Soul?

The first story I ever sold was the second-ever story that I sent out to market. I submitted to an anthology invite, was asked for a minor rewrite of the ending (which improved the story), and the editors bought the story–a SFWA qualifying pro sale, in fact. I had one other story on the market … Continue reading Is Rejection Good for the Writer’s Soul? »

Cover Reveal!: CAPED Now Available for Pre-Order

Look! Up on the bookshelf! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…the cover for Caped, the new anthology of superhero fiction in which my story “Super Frenemies” appears! In what is surely the fastest acceptance-to-finished-book turnaround I’ve experienced in publishing, the book is not only available NOW for pre-order, but will be released in print and … Continue reading Cover Reveal!: CAPED Now Available for Pre-Order »

UFO Detection and Tracking

From the ‘long-shot’ file this morning… A volunteer group of scientists and academics from around the world (about 15 scientists, engineers, astronomers, professors, and a journalist) has launched a new effort called UFODATA (for ‘UFO Detection and Tracking’), to apply rigorous scientific research and methods to the study of UFOs–an area of study that has … Continue reading UFO Detection and Tracking »

Fukushima and the World Without Us

A Polish photographer has released a selection of images from within the Exclusion Zone around the Fukushima nuclear disaster. They’re like a photo essay from the end of the world.

Who You Gonna Call?: Ghost Hunting In Norway

Norway has a ghost problem (including the ghost of a dead Nazi who keeps messing with tourism brochures…)

Cassini Probe Looks for Life on Enceladus Today

At some point today (Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2015), NASA’s Cassini spacecraft will take the deepest dive ever through the ejecta plumes of Saturn’s moon Enceladus. And this is particularly exciting for me, since while I find space exploration fascinating generally, I keep special tabs on my old friend Cassini. We go WAY back. Scientists hope … Continue reading Cassini Probe Looks for Life on Enceladus Today »

Evidence of Second Viking Outpost Found in Canada

Archaeologists have confirmed a second Viking site in the Tanfield Valley on the southeast coast of Baffin Island–suck it, Columbus!