Chinese Democracy

After something like 15 years, rumour has it that the long-awaited Guns ‘n Roses album Chinese Democracy will finally drop on 21 Nov 2006. My friend (and her father) apparently have tickets for the show at the Air Canada Centre here in Toronto.

“Now what, pray tell,” you might wonder, “does this have to do with Steve’s writing career?”

Well, nothing really.

As it says in the slug line up top this is “personal and professional” updates.

So as a long-ago GnR fan, and being given to flights of fancy and/or delusions of grandeur as an SF author, I merely want to state my sincere belief that Chinese Democracy (should it ever surface) will be the greatest musical achievement in human history.

After 15 years of waiting, this album will not only actually usher in democracy in China and in all other oppressed regions of the world, but will inspire world peace, universal harmony, and the brotherhood of all mankind. It shall be all things to all people, and its utter musical perfection is such that human beings everywhere will simply stop making music because, it will be realized, everything human beings have ever tried to say through music—love, loss, hope, despair, yearning, fulfillment—has now be said definitivly by the songs of Chinese Democracy.

Assuming, of course, that Axl doesn’t storm off stage first…

– S.

One thought on “Chinese Democracy

  1. As a future writer, you’re going to need representation.

    Now, I didn’t win the ‘lawyers of the future’ contest, but I did submit my application to law school this week. I may even be going to Queen’s, if you can possibly believe it.

    Congrats on the win, Steve. I’ll be sure to give you my card as soon as I get one.

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