A Shout-Out from Ralan.com


I’ve just received a shout-out about my Writers of the Future win in the November edition of Ralan’s Market Report (available by signing up at Ralan.com–the BEST market resource page I’ve found for SF, fantasy, and horror fiction).

If you’re a genre writer and haven’t heard of Ralan.com you really owe it to yourself to check it out. One of the women in my writer’s group pointed me in its direction a couple of years ago, and I visit at least bi-weekly to find out what new anthologies and paying markets are accepting submission.

The shout-out is associated with a new “year’s best” anthology I found–Best American Fantasy–and let Ralan know to post about.

Thanks a lot, Ralan. Keep up the good work!

– S.

7 thoughts on “A Shout-Out from Ralan.com

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