Guess who DOESN’T know the way to San Jose?

Two posts today–I know. I haven’t been posting as frequently as I might. However, I wanted to let you know that it was because I was away in San Jose, CA for a week on a business trip to the American Anthropological Association annual conference (anthropology is one of the disciplines I acquire in my day-job role of editor).

I loved California (I was swimming in an outdoor pool on the 18th of November!) but we flew via Denver and I can’t say I’m too fussy about Denver. We got stuck there for eight hours because, well, because I’m an idiot. I don’t recommend prolonged stays. Like Kerouac said, “Down in Denver, Down in Denver/ All I did was die.”

But if the WotF workshop is in California next year, well, that will be pretty okay by me 🙂

– S.