Literary Estates

As someone new to publishing as an author (I’ve been an acquisitions editor for three-and-a-half years now) I’d never considered the disposition of my literary estate after my death. That’s not because of some obsessive, Woody Allen-like preoccupation or fear of death, it’s just that I’m newly 28 years old and, well, it had just never occurred to me.

There’s a really interesting post on Neil Gaiman’s blog (which, based on the number of people I know who read it, must be one of the absolutely best-read writer blogs out there) about the need for authors to have wills that spell out the post mortem administration of whatever size creative empire they’ve managed to amass. The post includes a sample British will that would be a good model for anyone looking to set something up in their home and native land.

Thanks to Rob Sawyer, who included a link to this on his blog.

Thinking about it now, there seem to me plenty of good reasons to make your wishes known.

– S.