Ad Astra Panels

More news on the panel front. According to the latest Ad Astra e-mail update, I’m on (count ’em) THREE panels, not simply the one that I’d thought.


Tentatively, the panels (and participants) are:

* Writing for Anthologies vs. Writing for Magazines (Jana Paniccia, Stephen Kotowych, Scott Mackay, Mike Rimar)

* Writers who Edit, Writers who work in Publishing (Jana Paniccia, Stephen Kotowych)

* Writers of the Future Anthology and Contest (Mike Rimar, Robert J. Sawyer, Stephen Kotowych, Tony Pi)

There are lots of panels that I might LIKE to participate in, however, as I’ll have only one story in print by then and only two more on the way I don’t want to overstep my actual expertise and/or importance.

It’s quite a kick to be on panels with Jana Paniccia and Robert J. Sawyer. Jana is co-editor of Under Cover of Darkness, the anthology that includes my first published work of fiction, ‘Borrowed Time’. And Rob is kind of my SF guru–everything I know about writing SF I stole from him 🙂

PLUS, there will be a theme game run throughout the weekend with clues involving UNDER COVER OF DARKNESS. I’m promised this will be uber-cool, but the exact details remain a mystery to even the contributors (or, at least, even to me). The conclusion of the game will coincide with the scheduled book launch with the authors at noon on the Sunday of Ad Astra.

There look to be a LOT of great panels this year. I can’t wait. There are lots I hope to attend–we’ll see how the schedule works out.

Okay–less blog, more fiction.

– S.

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  1. Don’t want to overstep your expertise or importance!

    What are you talking about!

    You’ve got to recognize that they want you because you’re bringing something to the table. Don’t undersell your assets.

  2. That’s because the game is still being developed. ::laugh:: Trust me, when I know – so will you!

  3. A2U16t Wonderful blog.

  4. Please write anything else!

  5. actually, that’s brilliant. Thank you. I’m going to pass that on to a couple of people.

  6. Hello all!

  7. actually, that’s brilliant. Thank you. I’m going to pass that on to a couple of people.

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