Why I Love Bakka-Phoenix

So last night I popped in to Bakka-Phoenix (Canada’s oldest sci-fi/fantasy specialty bookstore–and really a fantasic place to browse for books) because I needed to pick up eight copies of UNDER COVER OF DARKNESS for my parents, who intend to send them hither and yon to friends, relatives, and former schools of mine.

Naturally, when I approached the desk, the clerk looked at me somewhat askew.

“Are you buying all of those?” he asked.

“I’m in it!” I replied.

“Well, good thing you told me,” he said. “Authors get a discount!” And he promptly rang me through.

Apparently, authors get a 20% discount on anything in the store because (as the clerk, and owner John said) Bakka-Phoenix likes to support the people who let them enjoy SF and have something to sell.

It’s just the greatest store ever.

– S.

PS: The good folks at Bakka-Phoenix will also be doing the book selling for the UNDER COVER OF DARKNESS launches at the Merril and at Ad Astra so be sure to buy your books from them!

8 thoughts on “Why I Love Bakka-Phoenix

  1. Now that you’ve let the cat out of the bag, everyone who goes in there is going to be an author.

    What? You’ve never heard of the crimson ghost series? It got considered for a Vigo…What’s that? Oh, right. Hugo. Whatever.

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