California Here We Come

On the stereo/
Listen as we go/
Nothing’s gonna stop me now/
California, here we come/
Right back where we started from

At long last, and after much bureaucratic travail, I have in my possession one Canadian passport made out for yours truly (though they never did call either of my personal references or my guarantor–some security 😉

I actually kissed the little booklet when the man behind the desk handed it to me. This seemingly didn’t strike him as odd…

I keep opening it, looking at it, making sure I can still feel it in my hand, the tactile response reassuring. It is…precious to me. I imagine this is a little like Gollum felt about the Ring.

I will now, officially, proceed to freak out (in a good way) about getting to go to California for the Writers of the Future week! It’s very unlikely I will be able to function or get anything done until then.

– S.


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8 Responses to California Here We Come

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