Lecture on Italian Science Fiction from 1952 to the Present

For those of you in the Great Toronto Area, here’s a lecture you may care to attend. See you there!

Italian Science Fiction from 1952 to the Present
Valerio Evangelisti (author)

Thursday, September 20th, 2007
4.00 p.m.
Alumni Hall 400
121 St. Joseph Street
St. Michael’s College

A reception will follow.
RSVP (acceptances only) to 416-926-2345 or email: italian.studies@utoronto.ca.
Everyone is welcome and admission is free.

Valerio Evangelisti is one of the major figures in the current renaissance of genre fiction in Italy. Best known for the series of science fiction novels featuring the fourteenth-century inquisitor Nicolas Eymerich, the latest instalment of which, La voce di Orione, is forthcoming in October, he is also the author of a cycle of historical novels set in North America – Noi saremo tutto (2004), Il collare di fuoco (2005) and Il collare spezzato (2006) – in which he explores the history of the American labour movement and the relationship between the United States and Mexico. He has also written extensively on contemporary literature and on political and social issues, and is a frequent contributor to Italian and foreign periodicals such as Il manifesto, Liberazione and Le Monde Diplomatique.