Good News for Canadian Fantasy Literature

This from the Quill & Quire Online:

“At the same time, Red Deer is also launching a new fantasy imprint to be overseen by author Nalo Hopkinson. (Hopkinson’s novel Brown Girl in the Ring will be featured in the Canada Reads competition on CBC Radio late this month.) The as-yet-unnamed imprint will debut this fall and will release at least three titles per year, says Dionne. It’s the second author-driven imprint for Red Deer: Robert J. Sawyer Books, with titles chosen by the Canadian science fiction giant, is also continuing to publish, with three titles planned for this spring.

Hopkinson could not be reached for comment, but Dionne says she had done some editing work on Kristyn Dunnion’s novel Big Big Sky, which is being released as a standalone Red Deer title next month. “As the editorial process unfolded, it became clear that Nalo had a lot of fantastic ideas that could take shape through a Canadian fantasy imprint,” says Dionne.”

Congratulations, Nalo!

– S.

One thought on “Good News for Canadian Fantasy Literature

  1. Thanks for spreading the word! A few things, fyi:

    – It’s not eponymous. We’re still figuring out a name for it.

    – It’s a -reprint- imprint. I won’t be publishing new novels.

    – At least 50% of the imprint’s list will be by Canadian authors.

    Best, and thanks again, -nalo

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