Rich Horton Likes Me

Rich Horton, book reviewer and columnist for the likes of Locus, Black Gate, and Fantasy Magazine, has been posting a sort of virtual year’s-best on his Live Journal over the last little while. A recent post on his LJ highlighted my story “Borrowed Time” as one of the best from last year’s series of DAW anthologies, and he’s also reviewed my stories in Writers of the Future XXIII and Tesseracts Eleven.

Today he’s posted on anthologies from 2007 mostly devoted to newer writers. He includes Writers of the Future XXIII on his list saying it was full of:

“Promising and energetic work by new writers who will get even better…My favorites were Stephen Kotowych’s “Saturn in G Minor”, in which a great composer wants his final piece to be played using Saturn’s rings as the instrument; Andrea Kail’s “The Sun God at Dawn, Rising from a Lotus Blossom”, presented as a series of letters from a recreated Tutankhamen to a similarly recreated Abraham Lincoln; and Tony Pi’s “The Stone Cipher”, about statues all around the world beginning to move, very slowly — in the end delivering an ecological message.”


And congratulations to my fellow WOTFians Andrea and Tony–well deserved praise, indeed!

– S.