Aurora Nominations Due by March 17

Hi all –

Just a friendly reminder that online nominations for the Prix Aurora Awards are due by March 17 (Happy St. Patrick’s Day!) If you haven’t already filled out a ballot you can find the online form here.

For those analog amongst you, the print-it-out-and-snail-mail-it version is here. But remember–even if you care so much about the Auroras that you want actual licking to be involved in nominating that’s fine so long as you ensure your saliva-filled missive is postmarked by 10 March. Otherwise, all the loogies in the world won’t do you any good in nominating this year.

*cough cough* As it happens, I have several stories eligible for this years Auroras. If you would like to nominate me, I’m asking that you please consider nominating my story “Saturn in G Minor”, which won the Writers of the Future Grand Prize in August 2007.

And there are lots of other deserving nominees in the various categories–you can nominate up to three in each subject during the nominating process. The best resource for finding out about Canadian SF works published in 2007 is the aptly named Canadian SF Works Database, a wiki started by Marcel Gagné and Robert J. Sawyer which is coincidentally eligible for an Aurora under the ‘Best Work In English (Other)’ category *hint hint*.

– S.

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