Battlestar Galactica Fourth Season Premiere!

Oh yeah–am I excited about the new (and final) season of Battlestar Galactica premiere tonight? I’m supposed to go to my friend’s birthday party and there’s a part of me that wants to beg off and watch BSG instead…

I’ll probably still go to the party, but the impulse

While I don’t recommend the article to anyone who hasn’t watched the full third season of Battlestar Galactica (there are a TON of spoilers about last season…) the NY Times had an interesting review piece today on BSG‘s fourth season and it’s general pop culture influence over the last several seasons.

I found this passage interesting:

“Battlestar Galactica,” which begins on Friday, is a space opera, a high-minded space odyssey with more than a touch of the daytime soaps. It is critically acclaimed and widely respected, but the science-fiction show’s fiercely dedicated cult following has become something of a mass-culture joke: the two lonely mathematicians on the CBS sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” decline lunch with a pretty girl so they can view the commentary on the DVD of Season 2.

And that is a disservice because “Battlestar Galactica” is one of the more beguiling series on television, an action-adventure drama that travels through time and space to explore morality, politics and metaphysics. Science fiction often serves as a modesty curtain that permits authors to think big thoughts at a safe remove — special effects and laser make-believe palliate abstract musings and pompous parables that might otherwise bore or offend viewers. (Without phasers and Vulcan death grips, the moralizing streak in the original “Star Trek” would have been insufferable.)

So say we all 🙂

You can find the whole article here.

– S.