Book Promotion Tips from the Master

At a reading I did once I said that everything I know about writing I stole from Robert J. Sawyer, and I meant it (though there was no actual theft–he gives the advice away for FREE! What a guy…)

Well, today on his blog he’s at it again with an article on using traditional media to promote your book. And even though ‘new media’ is the big idea of late, I think this is great advice. Many writers I know and who post to various forums I frequent seem to talk exclusively about how to do online promotion, mailbomb e-mail lists, build a website, gather a following for their blog, post on other blogs, gather MySpace friends and members for their book’s Facebook page, etc, etc…

Now, I’m not suggesting that they’re on the wrong track–you are reading my blog, after all–but I think some people either forget or choose to ignore the old media, like radio and TV. True, you probably won’t make a giant splash your first time out (or even the first few times) but, as Rob points out, this stuff is cumulative. Today, Channel 10 public access; tomorrow, Good Morning America

Anyway, go to the site, read, steal, emulate. You’ll be glad you did. Oh, and in case you’ve never read any of Rob’s other great advice on writing, professionalism, and self-promotion for authors, go here and switch your brain to sponge-mode–you’ll want to absorb everything.

– S.

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