Overheard at the Stop-Watch Gang Meeting – July 24, 2011

“I almost really liked this story.”

A: “Raspberry JELLY!?! That’s how much it bothered me!”
B: “I’m not married to the raspberry—I can change it…”

“Did you leave your scythe in your other pants?”

“Did you say ‘will’? Or ‘pool’? You need to use more four-letter words in your stories.”

“It needs a comedy communist twist.”

“Getting murdered with a lollipop is @#$%ing awesome!”

“Something happened, and it wasn’t until Lenin and Marx were talking that I realized I was bored.”

1: “This is the @#%$ing coolest story you’ve ever written! The world is really, really @#$%ing cool!”
2: “I’m giving him more coffee…”

X: “There’s a lot of stuff ‘at the end of the world.’”
Z: “It’s kind of a crowded place.”

“That’s fine by me—I like my clichés.”

“This is kinda like ‘Jaws’ on weed.”

“Stop stroking the wood!”