Barnes & Noble Thinks I’m a Talented Newcomer!

Hi all –

Well, UNDER COVER OF DARKNESS is now available in better bookstores and online shops everywhere and Jana (my editor) just let me know that Barnes & Noble (the US bookstore chain equivalent of Chapters-Indigo) has posted a review of the book and it has some nice things to say about me:

“The Barnes & Noble Review: Science fiction and fantasy fans who enjoy their stories laden with secrecy and intrigue (underground societies, double agents, covert organizations, etc.) will undoubtedly enjoy the new DAW anthology Under Cover of Darkness, which features 14 original short stories from illustrious genre veterans like Larry Niven, Tanya Huff, and Janny Wurts, as well as numerous talented newcomers like Amanda Bloss Maloney and Stephen Kotowych.”

Hey–that’s ME!

You can find the complete B&N review here.

Can’t wait to see more reviews (well, good ones, anyway… :P)

– S.


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