More AD ASTRA news on the Writers of the Future Blog

Hi all –

The Writers of the Future blog has posted my report (and some familiar photos) about the WOTF panel at Ad Astra.

The headline of the post is “More Ad Astra News from Stephen Kotowych“…but I can’t find the original news they posted about the con ๐Ÿ™‚

Ah well.

I’ve also happened upon this Flickr page of photos posted by Rebecca Simkin. Included are a bunch from Julie Czerneda’s pizza par-tay.

– S.

One thought on “More AD ASTRA news on the Writers of the Future Blog

  1. Hi Steve. That’s because I had sent and email earlier about the con. John Goodwin thought he had posted it, then realized a couple week later he actually didn’t. It’s up there now. Just read the posts out of sequence and you should be fine. I saw that you were concerned about your trophy. I put mine in my luggage. I never heard of the them blowing up because of depressurization. Mine survived, but knowing that now I would take it on the carryon. Bring a big gym bag ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Mike Rimar

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